Our Mission & Vision



MY FATHER'S HOME FOUNDATION focuses on child victims of PROSTITUTION, DRUG TRAFFICKING, ABUSE and ABANDONMENT, providing homes and restoring the children to spiritual, physical and emotional health while reaching out to their families and communities. Rescue. Train. Sustain. Orphaned children are the most vulnerable children in the world.Orphans are targets for sex traffickers due to their lack of a support system and lack of shelter. Today we have thousands of children's who face that problem, even at the age of 6. Their families are defenseless victims of oppression and persecution in a hostile culture. Orphans are exceptionally vulnerable to business owners looking to take advantage of free labor. Thousands of kids are working on brick kilns as early as the age of five. Working in conditions of blistering heat and damp cold, these dear children survive with little food, clothes or shelter. Many grow in slavery and die in slavery. We long to rescue these young victims of slavery and give them a better future in the Lord. Without supervision or proper medical care, so many orphans fall victim to diseases and ailments that otherwise could be cured with simple treatments. Orphan children are the first target of drug addicts and sexual predators. HELP US SAVE THESE CHILDREN. Donít let them live another day in this life of shame and fear. Give them hope and a future.

Our Vision


Our Long-Range Goal is to acquire one acre of land, build a larger facility to house 150 orphaned children and to expand our education by using a computer lab for online training. MY FATHER'S HOME FOUNDATION needs your prayers and financial support to make our Christian ministry a reality here in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.