• The Project – An Overview

There are more than 18,000 brick kilns in Pakistan, with about 90 per cent of them being in Punjab and Sindh, producing about 45 billion bricks every year, 4.5 million people work at kilns across the country. Making it the third largest brick producer in South Asia, behind India and Bangladesh. (Published in Dawn, May 6th, 2021).

Thousands of kids are working on brick kilns as early as the age of five. Working in conditions of blistering heat and damp cold, these dear children survive with little food, clothes or shelter. Many grow in slavery and die in slavery. We long to rescue these young victims of slavery and give them a better future in the Lord.


  • Why we need this Project?

My Father’s Home Foundation believe freedom is a common trait for every human for everybody being a human we want to see everybody will live a life with the freedom. Today in our culture people respects the animals as well but these people are still human. That’s why we need that project to release 1000 families so we can see this people to live a blessed and life of the freedom how many members will get their freedom.


  • What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

In the era of modern architecture, as the act of construction has reached its peak and the latest technologies have been introduced to the world, a great number of humans, especially innocent children, are still being used in the production of bricks at brick kilns in an inhumane manner. Although the government has introduced many laws against child labor, these rules continue to be violated in the most appalling way.

 Poor children are bought by brick employers and they are made into lifelong workers. They use them as their slaves and give them a minimum amount of food, which barely allows them to survive in their world of bricks. Cases of sexual harassment can also be seen in such places. These innocent children are being exploited by these people, who behave like wild beasts against other humans, while they pretend to be educated members of society. Such people are a stain for any civilized society. My Father’s Home Foundation working on Labour freedom and so that they can get their rights.


  • Project Objectives


  1. Raiwind

Raiwind is a place where people are working on brick kilns like thousands and living a hard life. So we will target Raiwind to Release the families

  1. Kasur

There are thousands of brick kiln where people are living like slaves and they are working there and their kids are working so we need to work more in the area

  1. Sheikhupura

People called it Sheikhupura is hub of brick kilns Where people are living like a slaves under the curse of slavery so its important location to work.

  1. Faislabad

Thousands of brick kilns are in Fasiabad and there is a so much need to Work and realize the families.


  • What is the plan after taking them out from brick kiln?

We have a proper plan to take them out and plan for the future. After taking them out of move them to the new location and give them a place which is a rented if they have a place we move them there but if they don’t have a place then they move them to the rented place and my FATHER’S HOME FOUNDATION will cover all the cost.



  • Plan for their income?

We give them a income plan if the person is interested to do a business MY FATHER’S HOME FOUNDATION open a business for him if person is not business minded then we connect him to do some work so he can earn for his family Areas where we need to release the families.

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