1. To provide educational facilities to the students for Enhancement of literacy rate, by setting up schools, colleges, Academies and universities.
  2. To make efforts for spiritual, intellectual and social development of poor and needy students.
  3. To assist children and women in need to develop and be empowered in safe and nurturing environments.
  4. To provide and improve the safety, independence and quality of life for order women and widows.
  5. To provide free education, books uniforms to the poor, needy and deserving students and also grant scholarships to the intelligent and hard working students.
  6. To provide higher education facilities to the intelligent and hardworking student in abroad.
  7. We long to rescue the Brick Kiln Families and their young victims of slavery and give them a better future in the Lord.

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My Father's Home

MY FATHER’S HOME FOUNDATION is the project of our church (give the name of Church), registered by the Government of Pakistan NO . ( RP / 96 48 / L / S / 15 / 2164).